My ChickenFry and ideas


My chickenfry is very easy, just go roughly 50/50 on flour and breadcrumbs, then season to taste.  If you do like I do, this will take a lot of seasonings, but you will have chickenfry for a while.  I start off with 1 canister of Italian breadcrumbs, pour flour into an old canister, then dump them both into a large mixing bowl and add my secret blend to it.  I then carefully put it back into the canisters and put both canisters into the fridge.  I have also used panko in this, but I don’t care for how it turns out.   I have been known to add beer batter, along with other batter mixes, to my chicken fry to stretch it when I get low.  Again, don’t be afraid to experiment!   Most of my best dishes are because I’m willing to try pretty much anything!  I have also used crushed ritz crackers to add a more buttery taste, regular saltines, pretty much with something like this, just let your imagination run wild and you can seldom go wrong!

ok, so, looking at it now, it really doesn’t need it’s own blog, so here’s some of my most recent adventures with my chicken fry.

Want home made tortillas?  Don’t have flour?  No problem.  Substitute the chickenfry in it’s place.  <– the basic flour tortilla recipe.

Want to fry chicken (or any other meat) but don’t have milk or eggs to dip it in before the batter, use melted butter.  my favorite butter option is garlic butter, just mix some garlic powder with the butter and maybe add a dash or two of black pepper.  talk about yum!!!  I made steak fingers like this the other night and my kids ate them before the hubby came home on his lunch break!

hmm….Oh, I realize a lot of people don’t “double dip” like this before frying.  It really makes all the difference, and it helps the batter stick to the meat so much better.  A lot of restaurants use buttermilk,  I use either garlic butter or mix milk and eggs together.

I think that’s about it for now, As I come  up with more I will add them.  Until then, Happy Eating!


Hello world!


Ok, so let’s see here, I’m a mom of two boys whom I have to keep fed and entertained.  I was encouraged by a friend to start a blog and post some of my recipes, and after considering many options for blogging , I settled on wordpress.  We’ll see if I made the right choice here.  So far things are sort of confusing, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.  If any other pressers have any advice to help me out I’d greatly appreciate it.  So far, I’ve got this post (as soon as it’s published, that is) and I’ve got Press this in my bookmarks bar.

A little about me, my cooking, and what I hope to accomplish with this blog:

I believe the best (and worse) food ideas come from trial and error and the occasional “accidental” ingredients (one example is sugared pork chops, which will be in a later post), and just plain experimenting (different ideas for tortillas, again, a later post)  Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try something different, you may end up on top!

If I get an idea from a website I will cite it in the post.

I don’t do a lot of casseroles, but I will try to cook just about everything once.

That being said, I neither cook nor eat fish of any kind, much to the hubby’s dismay.

I fry a lot, but I use the same basic dry mix for everything I fry, I refer to it as my “chicken-fry”

my first ‘real’  post will be how to make my basic chicken fry

I have a lot of family recipes I can not share fully, but I can share enough of it to still create a delicious dish

With all of my recipes, I will usually say “season to taste” or mention my “secret blend”,  I am sure most people have their own preferred blend of spices that they use, just like I do.  “Season to taste” means that I used my secret blend, and you should use yours.  If you don’t have one, don’t worry, just grab spices off your spice rack and start adding different ones until you like what you taste.  If a specific recipe calls for specific spices (and very few of mine do) I will mention them.

more than anything I love experimenting in the kitchen to see what will and won’t work.

so far I’ve only had 1 dish turn out horribly because of purposeful actions on my part, and 2 due to accidents.

I will try to remember to take pictures of the process, or at least of the finished product, although I am not used to taking pictures of food, so it might take me a few posts before I remember to do so.

Lastly,  please bear with me as I am new to pretty much everything I am doing here: blogging, sharing my recipes with pretty much the whole world, and taking pictures of food.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and please keep coming back!  If you have any ideas that you tried on my recipes with good or bad results please feel free to comment and share your experiences!